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2 to 3 Years



Wellspring Preparatory Academy knows that two-year-olds are natural explorers.  Our Whole Child Curriculum makes sure that every child has an opportunity to learn and experience the world in the classroom and in our natural playground. 

We play with a purpose in the two-year-old classroom.  This is a time of wonderful development and we capture each opportunity to learn social skills through play, drama, storytime, and art with our Whole Child Curriculum. 

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Language Development

Language at this age is so exciting and wonderful.  They are starting to use simple phrases, ask questions, and follow simple commands.  It gets easier to understand their “toddler talk” too.  

Wellspring teachers let the children know that what they say is really important to them.   Reading books, telling poetry and stories, counting everyday objects, and talking about our daily lives continually in a new and fresh way is a great way to engage our children in both language and cognitive development.

Loving, kind, and compassionate relationships cultivate a sense of feeling of belonging.  Supportive teachers can facilitate friendships, communicate emotions, and talk through how to deal with challenges that arise.   Children can develop trust, compassion, empathy, and a sense of right and wrong in an environment that is strong and positive.

Two-year-olds begin to move towards interactive play while still engaging in parallel play.  Wellspring Preparatory Academy builds on these aspects and supports imaginative play with our materials, supportive interaction between peers, and language to resolve conflicts.

Social and Emotional

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Two-year-old’s love showing off their fine and gross motor skills.  They will be able to walk a little bit more confidently, run around short distances, and are very interested in climbing.   Scribbles, painting, and stacking are all great activities for their little hands.  Independence work like pulling on clothes, using eating utensils, and getting their own materials are very important for them to accomplish.  Our classrooms provide all of the opportunities to make sure that all children are able to use their skills and expand their growth.

Beat, tone, rhythm, and expressiveness are all stepping stones to developing the linguistic synapses that are developed in the brain. By using simple well-known songs and introducing fun and engaging poems, teachers at Wellspring Preparatory Academy are able to connect to children while providing a secure foundation for future milestone development.

Music and Movement


The development of senses is crucial during this developmental timeline.  As a two-year-old sense develops and becomes more refined, they start showing their full personality.  Eye control, hand-eye coordination improves as well as depth perception.  Sense of smell plays into effect as they expand their tastes, discriminating the direction of sound, textures and temperature differences in objects, and interest in other foods are all ways that Two’s expand their world.

Art is a great time for two-year-olds to explore the world around them.  Here at Wellspring Preparatory Academy, art time is filled with sensory activities, fine and gross motor skills, cognitive developments, and is a great way to capture milestones and expand their fine and gross motor skills.



Wellspring Preparatory Academy is Whole Child-focused.  We believe that all children do best when they are allowed to explore nature and are exposed to different situations in a safe and secure environment.  Our Two-year-olds run around our natural playground exploring tunnels, grass, loose play, trucks, trikes and practice gross motor skills rolling down our soft berms.  

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