3 years - 4 years old


  • Our well-qualified teachers are carefully selected and vetted by us and through an extensive state-mandated background check.

  • Each and every staff member is trained in infant/ child CPR/First Aid. 

  • Cameras are in every classroom and monitored by the front desk, director, and owners.

  • Our classrooms are created with clear sightlines and visibility in mind. Our Three’s classroom is specially designed to enable the children to move about the space freely, have child-sized sinks, firm sanitization guidelines, a personal place to put their belongings, as well as age-appropriate toys and interactive materials.


  • Our philosophy of Whole Child Curriculum creates a warm and compassionate environment that enables each and every preschooler and teacher to create a warm and everlasting bond.  The three's teachers are creating a firm foundation for all children to succeed in the next steps of their life.

Safety First

The Whole Child Curriculum program teaches every child academic standards while nurturing all aspects of their development and growth. This all-encompassing curriculum includes language development, social and emotional growth, fine and gross motor skills, art and music exploration, sensory, and exploration of the outdoors.


Our comprehensive curriculum takes note that three’s develop holistically. They do not develop social, emotional, and physical developments separately based on what the adult is focused on. Each interaction is noted as an aspect of all developments. Therefore, you will see a much more natural and rhythmic approach to all aspects of our curriculum in the Three’s Classroom.


Language Development

Language in the three’s room is one of the most important aspects of their developmental milestones.  They are able to communicate their name and age, speak up to 500 words, and answer simple questions.  Music, poetry, and storytime is a fun and exciting time as the students sing along and elaborate on the stories told. 


Phonetic awareness and beginnings of written comprehension are introduced and guided through the day.  Using a variety of materials and opportunities, children will be able to name the letters of the alphabet, colors, remember parts of a story, recognize and identify common objects and pictures.


Counting and number concepts at Wellspring are a strong part of our daily activities.  Getting plates ready for lunch, counting out cups needed, sorting veggies pulled from the garden, and selecting the right number of spoons needed for your friends are all-natural ways that children engage in number comprehension.  We also utilize flashcards, worksheets, and small objects to teach concepts including, patterns, one to one correspondence, time concepts, sorting, and number formation.


Three-year-olds are usually eager to leave their mark on this world. They naturally pick up markers, paintbrushes, pencils, and chalk to create, draw, and communicate. Our three-year-old program will teach them how to form letters and numbers as it corresponds to our Whole Child Curriculum.  Wellspring lays the firm foundation for future success.

Social and Emotional Development

Loving, kind, and compassionate relationships cultivate a sense of feeling and belonging.  Supportive teachers can facilitate friendships, communicate emotions, and talk through how to deal with challenges that arise.   Children can develop trust, compassion, empathy, and a sense of right and wrong in an environment that is strong and positive.


Three-year-olds are beginning to understand social and relational constructs.  They are finding pride in their independence, but still crave that support and structure as they navigate these strange lands of peer play, taking turns, and problem-solving.  

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Three-year-olds continue their fast-paced development started in the two’s.  They can more accurately kick, throw, and catch a ball, bend over without falling, ride a tricycle, and run more confidently.  It’s imperative for their growth and development that children have different surface textures, levels, and challenges.  Our classroom movement and natural playground intrinsically call for children to use all of their body strength and develop skills. 


Three-year-olds are becoming much more nimble and eager to manipulate the environment around them.  They are eager to dive into a craft project using scissors, markers, and folds. Wellspring offers many opportunities to explore their surroundings and build their confidence in their ability to be independent.

Music and Movement

Music is such an integral part of our development and how we connect and communicate together.  Wellspring uses drama plays, multiple forms of music, poetry, and instruments to help facilitate the natural movement of children.  They will memorize and act out poems and plays, as well as have a world of materials to create their own magic.  Activities such as sewing fabric, painting backdrops, using toys and materials, and writing down words to a new play are all encouraged here at Wellspring Preparatory Academy.


Sensory isn’t just for the younger children.  All children (including most adults) are naturally drawn to new and interesting textures, smells, sounds, tastes, and sights.  We continue our philosophy of Whole Child Curriculum and help expand their world.  We introduce new veggies/fruits to try, bring in materials that engage the imagination, plant new herbs and flowers, and our natural playground is a magical place where children can explore new textures and sights.


Art time is all the time here at Wellspring Preparatory Academy.  During language development, number concepts, handwriting, imaginative play, and outdoors, all art and creativity are encouraged.  We use many materials including watercolors, clay, beeswax, paint, coloring, buttons, yarn, sewing, gluing, and what we find in nature.


Wellspring Preparatory Academy is Whole Child-focused.  We believe that all children do best when they are allowed to explore nature and are exposed to different situations in a safe and secure environment. 


Our natural playgrounds are created to inspire creativity, imagination, and enable children to use their developing skills to jump, run, and climb. As well as a restful play to enjoy a picnic, chat with friends, or read a book under a tree.

Responsiveness is where teachers prepare both themselves and the environment to be a natural place to learn. Teachers give each child a routine and sameness to define a safe and secure environment. Once in that environment, children are able to naturally explore new experiences, textures, and people. 


Our curriculum is designed to meet every aspect of a child’s development goals naturally throughout the day.  This means that the teachers are able to pair and bond with each child and focus on the child’s needs and goals.

Responsive Environment


Pre-school classrooms are a blast to eat with.  They have the best conversations and are usually eager to try new foods.  They also are very happy with eating familiar foods.  We use good, wholesome food that engages their taste buds, calm and nurturing environments that engages conversations, and exciting praise for everyone.  Teachers and parents are encouraged to come and sit down and join in on the family-style meals.

Daily Reports

Wellspring Preparatory Academy uses Kid Reports to communicate with our parents daily. You can see daily activities, such as eating, sleeping and potty schedules, activities throughout the day, and special moments.

Provided Care

We provide labeled, individual cots, clean and sanitized classrooms and toys, wholesome lunch, and two nutritious snacks along with our Whole Child Curriculum.


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