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Whole Staff Values

Here very soon, we will be opening up applications on our website for those interested in joining our Wellspring team. You will see all open positions, job descriptions, and the application form.

First, we wanted to give a glimpse into what it means to be on the Wellspring team.

Our Mission Statement

At Wellspring Preparatory Academy, our mission is to provide loving, respectful care to all children in our program. We are dedicated to the social, emotional, and academic development of every child in our care.

Our Staff Mission Statement

Bringing kindness, compassion, and respect to all.

Whole Staff Values

Here at Wellspring Preparatory Academy, we know that working together is key for a positive, warm, and compassionate atmosphere.

Our Whole Staff Values has 7 powerful principles that enable everyone to be in a place that is supportive, empowered, and respected. Let’s dive into the details!

1) Prioritizing onboarding and training

We believe that prior knowledge and training are key to cultivating a successful experience. We take the needed time to onboard each and every employee for each of their roles and responsibilities. We work together to go through each handbook, guideline, licensing regulation, and task assigned to you until you feel as though you have mastery and are fully empowered to create your own path. Once you finish onboarding training, you will be part of a mentor program where you have a team around you answering your questions and guiding you through new experiences throughout the year. Everything from how the cleaning materials work to documentation of a child’s developmental stages.

2) Creating a comfortable working environment

Have you ever worked at a place where it was kind of uncomfortable? Maybe you didn’t feel listened to when you brought up concerns or gossip was really intense? Here at Wellspring, we are dedicated to creating a work environment where everyone is respected.

We will:

  • Set clear goals

  • Be diverse and inclusive

  • Have a good sense of humor

  • Prioritize respect

  • Establish a zero tolerance policy

  • Recognize employees' values.

  • Accept and utilize feedback

  • Be flexible

  • Be transparent

  • Be together with you.

3) Conducting regular check-ins

From daily check-ins to establishing one on one meetings on a schedule, we are here to support you and your goals.

4) Encouraging collaborations

The Whole Child Curriculum shows the value of collaboration. In the classroom, every activity and engagement is for the advancement of the children’s future developmental goals. Same with you! Our break room has a board listing out our future goals and our accomplishments. Accomplishments are celebrated and everyone knows what the next goals are! Each idea and thought shared can move us closer to our goals.

5) Facilitates opportunities for learning

Beyond the standard training of being a classroom teacher, we are dedicated to bringing in experts in other fields to help our employees gain skills that can help guide you through your whole life. We offer non-mandatory after hours classes on taxes, google docs/sheets, yoga, applying to advanced learning opportunities, hiking/camping how to’s, and more!

6) Collaborative foundations

Festivals, traditions, and a natural rhythm to the day is important to Wellspring’s foundation. We fully support creating fun, engaging, and inclusive traditions unique to Wellspring!

7) Clear Communication

Wellspring is an open door community. All are welcome to chat with us about anything that is on their mind. We promise clear, compassionate and respectful communication and follow up actions.

We are excited to meet our future early education leaders!

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