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Library Time

I remember taking my little ones to the library. It was fun-filled, engaging and free! Too many parents now days don’t take advantage of this amazing resource. The library can be much more than a place to check out a book. It is an opportunity to create happy memories with your children.

Get your card

The first step in going to any library is getting your card. If your children are old enough you can do this with your children and explain to them what the card is for. You can even have them be responsible for using it when you check out your books.

Take a tour of the library

Whether you are a regular or have never been to your local library before it is worth taking time with your children to show them what they have to offer. Go through and point out different parts of the library and what they are for. Take time as well to get to know the staff. Your local library staff is always help and get to know their members.

Make regular trips.

Every parent wants to instill the love of learning in their children and regular trips to the library are an easy way to expose children to the wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. Taking a trip even once a month can show them that reading and literature is a fun and important event in your life.

Talk to others there

Engage with the staff and the other parents while you are there. You’ll find other parents who have children around the same age, show your children social skills, and might even make a lifelong friend.

Check out different types of books

There is a wide variety of media and books available at your local library. For young children who are not yet reading, you can find a host of book to read out loud or even audiobooks to listen to at home or in the car. For parents, there are a ton of good reference and educational books as well.

Take care of the books

Libraries are trusting you with the care of their books. One of the worst feelings is not being able to find the book you checked out two weeks ago. Having a single place to store and transport your books and media is a great and fun way to ensure you never misplace another book. This can also be a fun activity to do with your children. Get a bag and decorate it with them. Learning never stops and by simply caring for your library’s books you can show your children how to care for others and their possessions.

Introduce them to authors

Everyone has different tastes in stories and books and kids are still trying to learn theirs. As your child explores take note of the authors of the books that they enjoy and help them write a letter to them. You can also spend time and learn more about the author and explore other books that they wrote. These small steps can help bring world of literature to life for a child.

Take time with your family and explore all the different library activities. Invite a friend to come along, sign up for the activity mailing list, and volunteer to help out.

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