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Frequently Asked Questions


What will my child be doing?

All children enrolled in Wellspring will be enrolled in their age-appropriate classroom where they will be cared for by a highly qualified and trained teachers.  The Whole Child Curriculum gives everyone the opportunity to play to learn and engage in our natural environment. 

Safety is our number one priority.  We address this through multiple ways, secure entry points, thorough background checks, high-quality training including First Aid and Infant CPR, our unique sanitization guidelines, and exceeding all licensing guidelines put forth by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. 

How do you address safety?

What are your hours of operation?

Wellspring Preparatory Academy is open Monday through Friday from 6:45 am - 5:45 pm. 

We are open year-round, but close for major holidays and teacher training as needed.  An annual calendar showing all closed dates and extra Wellspring events will be posted on our website and through our parent communication boards.

Are you open year round?

Do you have cameras in the classroom?

Wellspring Preparatory Academy uses cameras in all classrooms and outdoor spaces.

Yes!  Our natural playground is not only for playground time, it is for art, phonics, math, gardening, storytime, and exploration time.  We go out in all weather (conditional on safety) and ask for all parents to bring in extra clothes to change into in case we get extra muddy. 

Click here to learn more about our natural spaces.

Do you take the children outdoors?

Can I drop in to observe?

We will always provide open access for our parents and are dedicated to the relationship between parents and caregivers.  If your child is in our care, you will always have the right to pick up and observe anytime.

We are not able to provide care to children who show illness. We will contact the parents and/or emergency contacts to pick up any ill children.  We will continue to provide care and supervision to ill children away from others until the parent is able to pick them up.  We follow all sanitization guidelines to prevent the spread of illness.  

What if my child gets sick?

Do you provide diapers?

We ask that parents provide their child's diapering needs including diapers (disposable/cloth), cream/ointments, and wipes.  We do provide extras in case of emergencies.  

We ask that parents provide their preferred formula or breastmilk for their infants.  Please remember to label first name and last name on each item that you bring in.  We will ask for feeding instructions that are signed and dated by the parents or healthcare professional that will be updated every 30 days.  Parents are encouraged to bring in an extra supply of breastmilk to cover an extra day.  Once children are able to experience table food, we can provide snacks and lunch with guidance from the parents.

Do you provide formula?

Do you provide bottles/sippy cups?

We know that each child and family have their own preferences.  Therefore, we ask that parents bring in their child’s bottle and sippy until the child is able to drink out of our cups that we provide.  Please remember to label the first name/last name on each item that is brought into Wellspring.

No.  We believe that all children should be unrestricted and learn best exploring their safe and clean environment supported by trained teachers.

Do you use “bouncy seats” or similar devices?

What's the benefit of being privately owned?

The best thing about Wellspring being privately owned is that we live right here in your community.  We are actively engaged daily at Wellspring to support our staff and families.  

Wellspring has its very own kitchen with a full time chef preparing nutritious snacks and a hot lunch for all of our children enrolled.

What about lunchtime?

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