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Before & Afterschool

Kinder - 5th Grade


Schools We Serve

We provide safe and reliable before and after school transportation to the following schools:


  • James Mitchell Elementary

  • George Washington Carver Elementary

  • Everett Williams Elementary

  • Gateway Prep.


If you don’t see your school listed above, please call us at 512-630-2133 or contact us

Does your child crave a chance to really dig in and cultivate their own space outdoors? 
We have vegetable gardens, flora, and an engaging outdoors that calls for children to come and play.

Click here to learn more about our natural spaces.

Natural Outdoors

Our Space

Wellspring Preparatory Academy offers a warm and welcoming space for our after-school age group. We believe that all children deserve a space of care and respect and an opportunity to pursue individual interests.

Sports, games, and organized activities are all part of our program too.  We love to introduce new games, play old favorites, and maybe even create one of our own.

Engaging Activities

Multiple Opportunities to Create

Have a budding artist that yearns for an opportunity to create a backdrop to a play, crochet a little blanket, or perhaps explore a new medium?

Wellspring offers that and more to inspire imaginative play and creative outlets.

Friendships, activities, and hobbies are ever-expanding and evolving. Your child will have an opportunity to try new and challenging experiences in a safe and supportive environment.

New Opportunities

Homework Help

Sometimes, it helps to get homework out of the way so the family can focus on bonding once everyone gets home.  Here at Wellspring, our teachers are eager to help every student accomplish their goals.

Our Programs
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