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Our Philosophy 

Learning Naturally Everyday

Hands of child planting tree
Our Mission

At Wellspring Preparatory Academy, our mission is to provide loving, respectful care to all children in our program. We are dedicated to the social, emotional, and academic development of every child in our care.  ​

Whole Child Curriculum means that every aspect of children’s development is included in our comprehensive curriculum.  This includes language and cognitive development, social and emotional growth, fine and gross motor skills, music and poetry, and science and nature exploration.​

The Whole Child Curriculum is a set curriculum throughout the whole year. This means that there is a natural rhythm to our school, filled with fun festivals and celebrations and clear goals for parents and teachers. Having clear goals enables everyone to see the whole picture. They know that the skills that they are creating now, will be the firm foundation for the next part of the children’s life.

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Whole Child Curriculum

Our bright and spacious classrooms are filled with developmentally appropriate toys and natural materials that can be used in many imaginative ways.  We believe that children learn best in an environment that is consistent, engaging, and allows the child to move about their space.  They have full access to many different varieties of toys and manipulatives, including art supplies such as beeswax, fabric, watercolor, clay, and paints.  Every classroom and space is considered a place for learning and imaginative play. 

Here at Wellspring Preparatory Academy, we hold firm in our belief that every child should be able to create, manipulate, and engage in their environment.  We have created a magical playscape with berms, trike paths, native plants, climbing stones, pebbles, fairy gardens, veggie gardens, stages, and shaded reading nooks that invite everyone to come and rest.


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Natural Playground
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