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Learning Naturally Everyday

Kids in butterfly Garden
Our Curriculum

Whole Child Curriculum means that every aspect of children’s development is included in our comprehensive curriculum.  This includes language and cognitive development, social and emotional growth, fine and gross motor skills, music and poetry, and science and nature exploration.​

The Whole Child Curriculum is a set curriculum throughout the whole year. This means that there is a natural rhythm to our preschool, filled with fun festivals and celebrations and clear goals for parents and teachers. Having clear goals enables everyone to see the whole picture. They know that the skills that they are creating now, will be the firm foundation for the next part of the children’s life.

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Wellspring Preparatory Academy gives parents peace of mind knowing that their children are well taken care of throughout the day. We provide a hot, wholesome lunch, two nutritious snacks, clean and sanitized classrooms, individual cots/cribs, natural and engaging activities, Whole Child Curriculum, safe transportation to and from school, and high- quality care. 

Provided Care
  • Our well-qualified teachers are carefully selected and vetted by us and through an extensive state-mandated background check.

  • Each and every staff member is trained in infant/ child CPR/First Aid. 


  • Cameras are in every classroom and monitored by the front desk, director, and owners.


  • Our classrooms are created with clear sightlines and visibility in mind. Each classroom is specially designed to enable the children to move about the space freely, have child-sized sinks, firm sanitization guidelines, a personal place to put their belongings, as well as age-appropriate toys and interactive materials.


  • Our philosophy of Whole Child Curriculum creates a warm and compassionate environment that enables each and every child and teacher to create a warm and everlasting bond.  Our teachers are dedicated to creating a firm foundation for all children to succeed in the next steps of their life.

Here at Wellspring Preparatory Academy, we use good, wholesome food that engages taste buds and nourishes the whole body.  We encourage everyone to slow down during meal times, engage in conversations, and try new foods.  Teachers and parents are encouraged to come and sit down and join in on the family-style meals.  

Daily Communication

We believe that we are an extension of the family. We know that communication is key to positive engagement. We also encourage strong communication between families and our teacher about daily activities, potty times, meals, and sleeping schedules.

Our Programs
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