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Employee FAQ

Teacher with Pupils

How much will I be paid?

Wellspring Preparatory Academy uses a salary matrix to provide open communication about pay rates. We base pay rate on a variety of factors including education, experience, and training. We support all teachers in their future career goals.

How will I know what to teach?

Our Whole Child Curriculum is a set 40 week curriculum. This enables all of our teachers to focus on planning activities around these subjects with our curriculum guides to help them along the way.

What is different about you from other centers?

Beyond our Whole Staff Culture, we differ from other early childhood centers because of our approach to teaching children. Our pace is slower, our thoughts are deeper. We encourage patience, kindness, and compassion for all. All together, we focus on the little things in life. Lunch is unhurried. Outside time is loud and boisterous. Naptime is soft and sleepy. Teachers can build strong relationships with the children in their care by being able to sit and engage in the activities with them.

What skills will I need to work at Wellspring?

We provide all training necessary to be eligible to work with children, including emergency training, overview of child developmental theories, operational policies, minimum standards, curriculum training, and more. Any experience or interest in art, sewing, building, exploration, curiosity, gardening, and more of the like is right up our alley! Oh, and don’t be afraid to get dirty and muddy!

What will my role be? Will I have an assigned classroom?

Everyone will have an assigned classroom and children that they are caring for. This enables you to develop a bond with your children and their families to strengthen their educational and developmental goals. We will cross-train every employee to be able to work in every classroom so you will have not only deeper knowledge of how the Whole Child Curriculum works, but can gain the experience that will enable you to apply for different positions.

Why are there no lead/ assistant teacher positions?

At Wellspring, every teacher teaches, guides, and is overall responsible for the children in their care. We will have two teachers in each room, with one working an early shift and another the later one. We do have opportunities for team lead positions, curriculum guides, mentorship positions, and more for each employee that meets the qualifications.

Will I get a break?

Yes! All of Wellspring’s employees receive a break time depending on your schedule. If you are a full time employee, you will receive an hour of unpaid break time. We provide a fully stocked break room and outdoor seating, but you are welcome to leave campus and return when your shift begins again. Part-time employees receive a 15 minute paid break time, but are required to stay on Wellspring Property.

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